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End-to-end solution to digitally distribute content in convenient formats, flexible buying options, and comprehensive content protection after delivery
Digital Sales
The future of publishing is digital. Qbend helps you to be ready for the future with delivery of digital content to desktop and laptop computers and a wide variety of supported ebook readers and hand-helds. The digital books have the ability to have highlighted text and adding annotations. With the worldwide eBook market estimated to grow at 42% each year for the next three years, now is the best time to be in the digital book business. With Qbend, your investment is minimal and you get remarkable savings in publishing and distribution costs.
More Choices in Selling
Qbend allows you to sell your content in chapters or other logical parts. You will now be able to reach a wider audience who have been using libraries, student exchanges, and other means to get their content. Hence, you will be directly compensated for such uses of your content. With flexible options to buy, rent, or subscribe, it has become easier for students to buy their own content, thus increasing your revenue.
Content sold through Qbend is wrapped in a Digital Rights Management (DRM) package that ensures that the content is used only in ways specified by you. You can control how many devices can be used to read the content and you can prevent unauthorized printing or copying of the content.
Digital Book Store with Your Identity
With Qbend's customized WebStore option, you can have your own digital book store complete with your content and your company's identity. This store will be powered by Qbend's WebStore and will feature only your content. In addition, this content will also be available on the Qbend WebStore to maximize your reach. With this option, you get a complete digital presence without having to spend money on servers, bandwidth and IT resources.
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